AveoTSD Anti Snoring Aid Review – Do the Positives Outweigh The Negatives?

aveotsd2 AveoTSD at first glance seems to be an odd looking anti-snoring device, but after using it I found it could be a good option for some people depending on what they are looking for as a solution.

I have tried and tested many mouthpieces up to today, and after my initial impression of seeing what the AveoTSD looked like I was wondering how effective it could possibly be.

It was not the typical product, there was no mouth insertion as you do with MAD (Mandibular Advancement Device).

Needless to say, my wife and I were looking forward to receiving ours and testing them.

One initial hurdle we had to overcome was that you need a prescription to buy the product.

So our first step was to make an appointment with a dentist to get one (you can also schedule a visit with a physician).

Technical Points

aveotsd-how-to-useThe AveoTSD is a TSD (Tongue Stabilizing Device) and it prevents you from snoring by creating a suction on your tongue and keeping it held forward throughout the night.

These devices are different from MAD devices, as there is no need for any attachment to the jaw or hold your jaw in the forward position.

It works by actually controlling the tongue rather than the jaw.  One of the most popular causes of snoring is when the tongue slips towards the back of the throat and creates vibrations.

This will be a useful product if you fall into this category of snorers (which most of you will).

The tip of the product must initially be inserted into your mouth and then squeezed so it creates a suction pressure on the tip of your tongue.  Then the outer part of the product rests between the teeth and lips.

As you can imagine there really isn’t much of it inside your mouth, so there is no invasiveness or intrusive feeling.  This is a great point for those who have dentures, dental work, crowns or caps; this product can be worn by you also.

It is also a device that has three different sizes for different sized mouths.  It should be noted that the medium size is ok to be used by 90% of snorers, so go with that if you are unsure which size to buy.

After receiving it, it is also not necessary to do any type of adjustments or measurements.  A nice relief since so many products require you to have a long set up process, i.e. the boil and bite method.

The product is made from an ISO 109933-1 medical grade silicone in New Zealand, and created by Dr. Chris Robertson.

He is a specialist in dental seep medicine and worked many years specifically on clinical studies to create this product.

What is a TSD (Tongue Stabilizing Device)?

An overwhelming percent of snorers have their main problem as the tongue slipping to the back of the throat, myself included.

A TSD focuses on preventing the tongue from slipping back by gripping onto it and keeping it held forward.

By doing this, the TSD will open up that airway and create the space needed for you to breathe correctly during the night.

Initial Impression

First, I had to clean it and for this I used simple toothpaste and cold water.  I submerged the product, made sure to swirl the solution and then removed it to air dry.  Very easy.  Next, the fitting process is not as difficult as other products.

I simply pinched the tip of the aveoTSd, and then sucked so it gripped onto the end of my tongue.  This is what creates the suction that allows the product to stay in place the entire night.  I found that getting this suction exactly right was difficult and took a few days to do.

After all the devices I tested, I was happy to not have anything inside my mouth for once.  My wife agreed with me, and she got used to her TSD much quicker than I did.

Waking Up

morning-wake-up-250After I woke up the first morning I felt very tired.  This was due to the fact that I woke up in the middle of the night and the piece had fallen out of my mouth!

I was not sure how long it had fallen out for, but I definitely did not have the right amount of suction used on my tongue.

I asked my wife how she felt, and she said she felt absolutely amazing.  Looks like no issues from her end on how much suction she used and no issues on it falling out either.  I was going to have to give it more time and apply more suction on my tongue to be able to use it.

I also noticed I drooled a lot more than normal.  Something else my mouth would have to be accustomed to.  Lastly, while my jaw and facial muscles were not sore, my tongue was.

I knew this was going to have to take some time to get the suction correct, but I had hopes this product would eventually work out.


  • Worked for my wife the first morning, and after a week I had it at the proper suction so worked for me also.
  • Three different sizes for different sized mouths. Although most will use the medium size, there is also small and a large available
  • Can be used Not necessary to have any preparation or adjustments.
  • The material is a medical-grade silicone, which caused no irritation against my skin, and felt soft on my tongue.
  • Long lifespan. It is advertised to have a lifespan of 12 mouths, but it has been reported as having one as long as 24 months.
  • 6-month warranty on any defects caused by the manufacturer
  • Can be worn by anyone with dentures, crowns, caps, missing teeth, bridgework, or TMJ issues. No placement inside the mouth so not an issue for these people.
  • Simple to clean, and very compact, so it is easy to go anywhere with.
  • The product can be purchased in a variety of countries, not only the USA.
  • Created by a physician, Dr. Chris Robertson, with years of the clinical sleep study.

Who can use it?

This is a good device to use for a variety of people.  MAD devices cannot be used by people with dental work, and unfortunately this is a large percentage of the snoring population.

If you have dental crowns, caps, loose teeth, or bridges this will not be an issue with the AveoTSD.  There is no need for any type of attachment to the jaw or teeth, only the tongue.

There is also no invasiveness when using this since it is not placed inside the mouth.  After I had become used to it, it was not very noticeable.        


  • Your tongue needs to get used to the product. My tongue was sore for a few days as it adjusted to having this on the tip of my tongue.
  • Cannot be used by mouth breathers. You must breathe through your nose to use this product, so not recommended for someone with nasal polyps, sinuses, or who suffers from allergies.
  • Fell off the first night. Another suction related issue, if you do not use the right amount of suction it falls off during the night.
  • I had a considerable amount of drooling as my mouth had to become accustomed to wearing this.
  • Depending where you get them from the price can be as much as $140.  This is an expensive product. Also, if you live in certain countries, including the United States, you will need a prescription from a physician or dentist to order the product.

Who cannot use it?

 There was some considerable soreness at first, and for those with sensitive tongues they might have an issue.  Also if you are a mouth breather, this will not be an optimal product.

Anyone with sinus problems, allergies, or nasal polyps will not be able to use this.

If you must breathe through your mouth, there are MAD devices with air holes that allow you to do that.


price-200pxIt was a little expensive as my wife and I had paid about $100 for each of ours.

This is higher than the average anti-snoring device.

We had no issues with returns since we both had kept our product, remember my wife loved it.       

My Last Words

conclusion2It took some time to get used to.  One negative aspect is the need to visit a dentist or physician before purchasing it.

After that, you must get the suction just right so your tongue is not too sore, and the fit is not too loose so it does not fall off during the night.

Then there is the drooling issue.  After some time however, all of these problems are resolved.  I found after continued use of the product the drooling had dissipated, my tongue soreness was gone, and the product was not falling off.

Success!  When all three of these things combined had happened to me after a few days, I found the product to be effective and comfortable.  I would recommend this as a solution, with a footnote saying that it takes some time to get used to.

If aveoTSD requires a prescription for you to purchase because you live in the United States or one of the other restricted countries then I recommend trying GMSS. It is a very similar product that I have personally had a positive experience with, and it can be ordered online.